These are the amazing reasons why you should choose an Eco-Lodge

One of a kind experience

As we slowly return to normality after the effects of the pandemic, sustainable tourism has been right back on the rise as travellers want to have a truly authentic experience. Environmentally conscious travel within nature that is both lush and eco-friendly is exactly why you need to witness the beauty of an eco-lodge.

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Responsible travel to natural areas which conserves the environment and improves the welfare of the local people

Eco-lodges in essence try to respect the principles associated with ecotourism. Flora and Fauna are key aspects that allow visitors to immerse themselves in the local environment! The reason YOU need to choose an eco-lodge over other forms of resorts is quite simple. It ensures that the travel and accommodation you are committing yourself to is contributing positively to the environment.

The concept of living environmentally aware fits into a person who wishes to escape from city life. It is a unique experience for travellers who want a daily structure that is more laidback and relaxed. Eco-lodges tend to feature places that are both idyllic and picturesque and this is very appealing to those who wish to travel to a serene location.


Tourists prefer eco-friendly hotels

Swimming pool at an eco-lodge

Great place to go for a swim!

Eco-lodges also embrace the use of clean energy for the most conscious of travellers (two-thirds to be exact). Eagerness to respect the surrounding environment means local organic food is included in all packages.  The minimal impact on the nature that surrounds the area where the eco-lodge is built makes it even more enticing for tourists who wish to contribute to the protection of the environment.

Eco-lodges also go out of their way to work alongside their local community to improve relations and the natural surroundings. They conduct research programs that help local development. These programs offer education catered to both tourists and employees.


How to choose a good Eco-lodge?

There are many key features that showcase the ec0-lodge concept: use of clean energy, efficient recycling of residues, reduction of waste, use of local produce in order to reduce carbon footprint, working along with local communities, supporting conservation initiatives, are some of the features that eco-lodges offer. Make sure to book at Guacimo River Lodge today!

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