Global Bird Weekend in Indio Maiz Biological Reserve, Nicaragua!

These lines are to congratulate our guests for having visited Indio Maiz biological reserve and for taking part in Global Bird Weekend, an initiative started by Tim Appleton and Cornell University which gathered more than 38,000 birdwatchers around the world last year in what is now the largest worldwide birdwatching event focusing on the Autumn migration.


During the weekend 8th to the 10th of October, more than 58 bird species were spotted in the surroundings of Guacimo Lodge primary forest, from a Golden-hooded Tanager to a Collared Aracari. The local Nicaraguan chapter included seasoned birders such as biologist Edgar Castañeda as well as guests new to birdwatching.

Birdwatching at Guacimo River Lodge

A sight to behold!

Indio Maiz Biological reserve is one of the largest protected lowland tropical forest system in Central America and it has been referred to as “the gem of Central American nature reserves” by UCLA biologists. The reserve is home to more than 221 bird species.


Every sighting was uploaded onto the eBird platform contributing to worldwide conservation decisions, peer to peer reviews and helping inform bird research. We take this chance to invite you to come to Indio Maiz and share your sightings while contributing in global effort to map bird ranges!


Guacimo Lodge is located by Indio Maiz Biological reserve in the South East of Nicaragua.  The lodge is only accessible by water.  For more info please visit ,You can also visit eBird platform at

Global Bird Weekend started off right

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